About Us

We have Certified Arborists on staff

Investing in the urban forest

Your trees are an investment that bring style and beauty to your home. Proper maintenance is the key to keeping them healthy and beautiful, adding value to the property that you have worked so hard to own. In a part of the country where it is difficult to find a tree service with certified arborists on staff who understand proper pruning methodology and tree care, White's Tree Service is a company you can trust.

Because I am a certified arborist I can help you with diagnosing and caring for your tree's needs. Why are there mushrooms at the base of my Oak tree? What are those brown spots on my pear tree? Why is the top of my pine tree dying out? I deal with these questions on a day to day basis and can often find the right solution for your particular tree and your particular situation. Specific situations often require very specific care or treatments and failing to treat a tree properly can often have disastrous results, leaving trees ultimately worse off than before.

I believe our strength is in our practice of proper pruning methodology. In Southern California it is common to see trees topped and overpruned, creating stress and making them highly susceptible to rot, infestation, disease, and ultimately failure. I love trees and it is a huge priority for my staff and I to trim your trees according to what is not only best aesthetically and most healthy. Whomever you decide to hire to for your arborcare, please do not top your trees!

Unfortunately, trimming is not always an option. There are occasions when a tree becomes diseased, too large for a given area, or potentially hazardous. With the use of specialized rigging equipment and large cranes (when necessary) we are also capable of removing the most massive and dangerous trees.

Based out of Mission Hills, we serve the Northern Los Angeles area and particularly the San Fernando Valley. We are licensed and insured, carrying general liability and workers' compensation. Please feel free to ask us for a certificate of insurance.